There's nowhere like a library to inspire great writing — and to celebrate the fact that the globe's borders are open once again, here’s the Forthwrite guide to some of the best storied spaces. Ssh...
DO NOT attempt any piece of writing at work without using these 20 words
What better time to improve an old poem with the modern business writer's favourite tool?
There's a huge need for us all to be more financially literate. But what hope is there, when most finance writing is so dull? However, as our guest con…
In the first on a new series on creating an in-house newsroom to craft impactful stories, we look at one of the key roles, essential to all publishing.
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How to extract the information you want from your lunch interview, FT style.
No, we are not talking about Information Technology, but the impersonal pronoun in English. Because for a little word, it sure causes a lot of problems
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